Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Little Tasmanian Devils

I walked into my living room to find this situation.  No, my home had not been burglarized.  It had been  played in by my children.  

My children who are cute but resemble offspring of the spinning Tasmanian Devil in Looney Tunes.  Leaving destruction and mayhem in their wake.

A storm delayed our plans for the pool yesterday.  So instead my children spun from room to room destroying, I mean playing.  While I frantically tried to keep some sort of order, I didn't get too worked up about it.  They were mostly laughing with each other.  They were mostly getting along.  And that is priceless and so totally worth the mess to me.

That's the great thing about my little devils.  They are easily pleased and entertained.

Once the rain and clouds broke, we went for a walk to the grocery store with a quick stop at the Dollar Store.  The kids loved spending their $2 on junk treasures they very slowly carefully picked out.

Back at home, the kids enjoyed the hell out of ice cold water from a hose and a baby pool.  The baby pool which I have had since my oldest was, well, a baby.  Sure they find new ways to jump off the top of the slide and rig up a mini trampoline to enhance it and make it a little less baby.  

I am amazed at how they manage to still have so much fun with it.

They do have fun together.  Do not be alarmed however, they are normal children.  I broke up two potential fist fights between the older boys, gave the baby a million time outs for spitting on everyone, a baseball was thrown at one child which resulted in a bloody lip, their new favorite insult is to call each other a doofus and there are about five thousand other examples of how normal they are.

But what I love about my kids is at the end of the day they love each other and have fun.  And ask to sleep in the same room slumber party style.

Just in case you forgot what the Looney Tunes "Taz" was like, here you go:


  1. that slumber party pic is the best. <3

    1. So cute right? We gave my daughter her own room and the three boys share, but she now wants to be in their room all the time. She said we can make her room "the guest room." Lol!

  2. I only wish Alex's mean word was doofus! The things he says probably make most parents think we are the worst parents ever!