Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Summer and What I Know For Sure (this week)

This past week, we were smack dab in the middle of the mega Midwest heatwave.

Summer came at us in full force.  We found fun ways to beat the heat--Slurpees, Slip n' Slides, swimming, hanging out and stripping in baby pools (of course the baby Wade was the only one stripping, so it's nothing too weird).
Sure, we discovered the air conditioning in our rental house doesn't really work on the second level.  And both our vans have faulty/non-working air conditioners.  And yes, that sucks.

But what I know for sure is that we thank god for our sense of humor and our beloved baby pool every sticky, hot summer day.
Tim beating the heat in the baby pool with a little help from the baby and his water gun.

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

Writing reviews of cars was a fun experience.  One that taught me a lot about cars and a lot about myself.  Click here to read my final installment for the Patch Drives series.  C'mon it's fun, I worked in Mock Elections (high school style).  And please leave a comment on the Patch site.

I know for sure the the universal language is DANCE. This video is a fabulous example of that truth.  I love this.

Chiropractors are like magicians.  I had my first adjustment this past week for TMJ problems that have plagued me for 20+ years.  Terrified is a good word for how I was feeling imagining the chiropractor twisting my neck and possibly killing me.  But it wasn't that bad and my jaw actually feels better, for real.  Magic.

I'm only a little embarrassed that my hot summer jam is going to be Justin Bieber's "All Around the World."  Give it a chance.  It's fun and I can sing all the words in front of the kids, bonus.  No worries about explaining "passion in my pants" to my 8 year old.  Don't you have a hot summer jam?  Do tell!

Twitter is only getting better.  I reached my goal of 500+ followers and now I'm aiming higher.  Come play with me.  Follow me @AngelaYBlood.

There is no better way to say Happy Summer than a classic Bananarama song, "Cruel Summer."

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