Monday, June 25, 2012

I Need To Pace Myself

Summer slow down? Not my family.

Summer is amazing.  

I love the fact that you can ride your bike down to the park, swing, skip rocks in the river and have a picnic anytime.  Bare feet, extra hours of daylight, sunshine, swimming pools, boat rides, baseball, lemonade stands.  
How cute is their sign?  My kids and the neighbor kids worked hard and made almost $17 at their lemonade stand.  They are saving up to buy wood to build a club house.  
It's all good.

The only problem?  My kids do not get tired.  They keep going and going and going like god damn little Energizer bunnies.  As long as there is daylight, they will keep looking for fun.  And sometimes even when the sun goes down.
How tired does Tim look?  The kids? Not so much.  They keep going and going and going.
Even a quick trip to the grocery store is an exhausting adventure (for me).

I need to pace myself (um, I am the only one sleeping here, the kids were sooooo awake).

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