Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Party Bus

My kids are STILL in school, even though we've been celebrating the end of the year since Memorial Day. Endless parties, teacher gift donations, friends' birthday parties and treats.  My kids are party junkies.
They expect a goodie bag every time they leave the house.  

I feel like my van has turned into the party bus taking my kids safely from one good time to the next.

Don't get me wrong, the parties are great.  The people that plan them are great.  My kids are just acting a little nuts.  A little ungrateful.  But that's what kids do right?  They mercilessly drain you of all your energy and youth like evil little fun-sucking vampires.  Okay, that's a bit much.  But it's been a long day.  I'm tired. And um, remember, I'm 38 now, I'm old.

Just when my kids were getting on my last nerve last night, they redeemed themselves with cuteness.  But that's what kids do right?  They are funny, little beings trying to figure out this massively overwhelming and confusing world.

We were in the party bus, I mean van, a lot again yesterday.
We were driving a lot.  But we were also waiting in the van a lot.  Waiting for school to get out. Waiting for practice to start. Waiting for practice to end.  Waiting for Tim to meet us for a kid swap.  So don't get worried, I wasn't driving with JT on my lap.

On the way to practice after school I let them finish up the last five minutes of The Sound of Music they started watching this weekend.  I really just wanted them to stop fighting and snapping at each other.

And boy, they were really being mean to each other and so utterly annoyingly whiny to me.  The kids were in major vampire mode.  I sat slumped over in the front seat defeated, feeling all hope was lost when. But their reaction to the end of the movie was sweet reassurance they weren't soul-less. 

*****Spoiler Alert***** (For those of you who don't know how The Sound of Music ends, there are some major spoilers coming up.) (I was given some constructive criticism about my lack of proper spoiler alert info and spacing after giving away Lexie's death on Grey's Anatomy in a blog last week. Hope this is better.)

When the Nazis are searching for the escaping von Trapps, Rolfe, a family friend of sorts, gives up their location rather than letting them go.  But in the end the von Trapps do indeed escape. Phew.

"Ralph betrayed them!," Peyton said indignantly.  

They were all shocked and disgusted.

"How could he have been so brainwashed?" said Lucy obviously regretting that she had been so into Liesl and Rolfe's budding young romance.

They couldn't let it go.

"What's happening now?" I asked the kids as I drove.

"The von Trapps are on the lamb," Peyton said matter-of-factly.  Like we talk like that every day.

When the 150 hour movie was finally over the kids were dissatisfied.

"That's it?," asked Peyton throwing his hands up in the air.

He wanted to know what happened to the family.  He needed closure.  He cared.
Does anybody know if there is a sequel?  Because I don't think this party bus is stopping anytime soon.

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