Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not Quite Fearless, Yet

A year ago today, I pushed the "publish" button on

My first vlog!!!! Okay, you can't view it on "mobile devices."  Sorry, blame Carly Rae Jepson.  If you go to your computer and watch, you'll understand why I am blaming the "Call Me Maybe" singer.

I started this blog to get everything out of my head.  To share what's in my heart.  Hopefully along the way I've made people laugh, rethink, appreciate and/or reclaim some joy.

Blogging has let me do what I love, write and connect.  It has opened doors to writing and video editing opportunities.  It gave me the courage to start a business.  

Most importantly, it has helped me to stop apologizing and become less afraid.  Not quite fearless yet. 
There have been some amazing moments this past year. 

I do feel much less afraid to be the socially awkward woman who is afraid of public speaking but has a lot to say; who loves old Chris Farley sketches on SNL and all things pop culture but can passionately and intelligently speak about politics; who rides that emotional roller coaster like a champ but won't let go of the safety bar, just in case.

Thank you for reading and supporting me.

The perfect gift for the occasion would be to share my blog on Facebook, like the FB page(click here) or become a subscriber (click here).  I almost typed, "sorry to ask" but stopped myself.  
Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year.

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Do you have any?  
Let me know what you think.
And again, thank you.

This is the happiest song and the silliest video.  I heart Jimmy Fallon.


  1. I love reading your blog. It's fun and flip, but in the very best way. And you recommend awesome music tracks that I would never find on my own. Keep writing and I will definitely keep reading. :)

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