Monday, February 11, 2013

A Thousand Tiny Pieces

"Isn't it beautiful?" Lucy said in awe.  

"Yes, it is," I agreed, marveling at what I saw.  "Wait, I mean, oh my gosh, we have to clean this up before dad gets home.  He's going to fuuurreak out."

The story I am about to tell just may fuuureak many of you out too.  It's divisive, it's messy, it's chaotic.  It's about glitter.

After a crafty couple of days, which included some bad ass Valentine's decorations, somebody (me, I'm that somebody) didn't put away the glitter.  And somebody (toddler otherwise known as Wade, he's that somebody) got a hold of that glitter and dumped it all over the floor.  

My specialty is not organization and things running smoothly.  My specialty is more about embracing the messy, discovering shiny moments (or glittery ones), finding the funny and making the most of life.

So, after the great glitter spill of 2013 I didn't get too upset.  Lucy and I laughed and discussed how the world needed more glitter.  We pretty much bragged about how we were about to make the world a brighter place one piece of glitter at a time.  You see, this wasn't my first glitter spill.  I know glitter is impossible to clean up and it miraculously spreads.  I know that we'll be out on the town three months from now and someone will probably say "oh, you have a little glitter on your face."

As we were feeling all glittery and proud of ourselves, I thought about my husband.  I thought about my almost teenage son.  I thought about how they really wouldn't be so thrilled.  They wouldn't be so into our "the world needs more glitter" philosophy.  Both of them are a little more ordered and on time and organized and structured.

Lucy and I cleaned up the best we could.  We even put Wade to work, which was pretty counter productive.  He got into the paints I left out and is seriously bad with the vaccuum, but that's another story.  
Wade sucks at vaccuuming.
Aren't most 3-year-olds really good? Geez.

We were able to get most of the glitter off the floor.  There would be no fuuureaking going on.

I get that people get anxious when things are messy.  I get that people think my style is a little flaky.  I get that it's a divisive subject--one group thinking they are better than the other.  But I also get the world needs all of us.  

Without the anxious non-messy people, we'd be f#&*ed.  No one would have any kind of filing system, library fines would be an average of $25 (Tim suggested I start buying books rather than going to the library), bills would be late and more very bad and scary things would happen.  

But imagine a world without the messy people?  It would be pretty f&#*ing tense dude.  So here's to Yin and Yang,  The Odd Couple, balance, a happy medium.

The glitter is mostly gone.  However, when the sunlight hits the wood floors just right, a thousand tiny pieces of glitter can be seen shining from the cracks.  Everytime someone walks through the room they just might be carrying a little piece of glitter with them out into the world.

Believe me, my family needs both life approaches/philosophies to manage our busy, chaotic, fun-filled, tiring, lovely, inspiring, did I mention tiring lives.  
One weekend, 550 things to do.

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  1. I love that graphic. But you know when I saw that picture of the glitter pile, I got some heart palpitations. Erv spilled a whole jar of Christmas glitter on our hardwood floor. I did fuureak out. And I "cleaned" it up every day for a week. But whatever. The only time I wish I was a kindergarten teacher is when I'm using glitter....they're amazing at dealing with it. So I'll stick with the other things that add sparkle....glitter glue and glitter markers. :D