Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm Ready

I had no idea what I was getting into when I got married.
I had no idea how good it could really all be.
I have spent over a decade of Valentine's Days  with my husband, Tim.  Some of them romantic, some of them not so much.  You know I'm not much of a holiday kind of gal.  I've decided it's because I don't want the world telling me when I should be thankful, scared or in love.  I'll do it on my own time, in my own way thank you very much.  

But for some reason, this year I am all kinds of nostalgic and mushy and in love with Valentine's Day.
I love this graphic, this quote (it was on our homemade wedding program)  and Lenny Kravitz.  I love it so much I'm reposting it from an earlier blog post this week. See?  I can't stop spreading the love.

Maybe it's all the holiday feelings I've been pushing deep inside that are ready to burst.   I'm ready now to go around the table and say what I'm thankful for--my husband, my kids, my life.  I'm ready!  I'm ready to dress up and make a fancy dinner to celebrate all the special and good stuff in life. I'm ready to make a special playlist full of sappy songs for the occasion. Shit, I feel like heading straight to Kay Jewelers and buying someone a piece of really cheesy jewelry.  What is happening to me?

It's not like this has been a really wonderful week or anything. Monday started with my dryer breaking (again) and my van leaking orange, rusty liquid around town.  Maybe you saw me, or the trail of rust I was leaving behind me.  One thing after another has gone wrong.  What's so great about my life?

Well, nothing. Waaaa.

In a recent MomPulse vlog, I compared Tim and me to Brad and Angelina because well, it's obvious right?  But upon further reflection and five million and one things going wrong this week, I think the celebrity couple we are more similar to is that couple from Up.

Everytime we get ahead something happens and we have to take the hammer to our measly little savings jar.  Dreams of world travel (or even a tour of countries at Epcot) elude us.

But wait...cue the's weeks like these where everything goes wrong that I remember why that couple from UP makes all of us cry.  Because none of the big stuff matters.  My husband and I love each other, respect each other and have fun together. And as a bonus we have these wildly adorable, interesting and lovable children.  

What's so great about my life? Um, pretty much everything, everything that matters.  

Happy Valentines/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/Halloween. Happy Love! I'm ready! And I'm heading to f-ing Kay Jewelers, Tim's getting a necklace damn it.

I decorated my house more for Valentine's Day this year almost more than any other holiday.  I'm feeling it.
Here are a few of my favorite love songs that are on my special LOVE play list:
Let's Stay Together, Tina Turner
You Must Love Me, Madonna(from Evita)
Give Me The Simple Life, Steve Tyrell
Just Might (Make Me Believe) Sugarland
You Are The Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne 
You Send Me, Sam Cooke
As, Stevie Wonder
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, The Beatles
Love Will Keep Us Together, Captain and Tennille
What? Captain and Tennille aren't on your love play list? They totally should be.

What's on your LOVE play list?  

Do you have a celebrity couple you and your Valentine are most like?

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