Monday, February 4, 2013

These Are The Days

Time is going so fast.  Too fast.  So fast it's easy to miss so much. 

A little cheesy, but true.
This past weekend was another very busy, somewhat overscheduled weekend in our house.  Another weekend where Tim and I collapsed on the couch at the end of the day wondering when we'll ever not feel exhausted.  Worn out from the pace.  Worn out from the intensity of parenting.  Worn out from all the fun.

Dance party Friday night with a bunch of squealing girls and a couple rowdy boys. Holla!
I am always at the ready with my below average camera to capture EVERY moment.

Ice, ice baby.  Loving winter when the pond is frozen.
Free skating + fresh air= happiness.
JT lost his two front teeth biting his older brother while playing football. Yup.

A family that plays together just has a whole lot of fun together. Tim is really good at playing and I love him more for it.  Funny enough, the kids weren't even with him here. ( I'm kidding.)
Brilliant mind or total weirdo?  Not sure what the significance is of Wade constantly color coordinating everything, even his Skittles (on the floor in the gym at his brother's basketball game).

These are the days....
Our time is now....
Don't sweat the small stuff...
You get it. You get it right?

It's all going so fast. Don't miss the moments. 

Just like my new favorite shirt says:
From Old Navy, of course.


  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend! Time does go too fast, I was just writing about this a few days ago and posting old photos. (Sigh...) FOund you through mompulse :) I just applied, not sure how this works, but would love to meet more moms that blog & vlog!! Nice meeting you!

  2. I LOVE that shirt. So cute. And GIRL, you rock those red skinnies! (or are they orange?)

    That's so fun that you have a pond and free ice skating. We might not be able to ice skate for a few years....right now the thought of my kids ice skating terrifies me...they're not terribly coordinated. Now, put a roller rink in my backyard and it's ON.

  3. Was totally expecting the gym floor Skittles to make an appearance here somewhere! Yea!

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