Monday, February 18, 2013

The Weekend in 3 Acts

Of course that's not make up, it's marker.  He's no joke, he's a break dancing clown.  

Act One:
The Circus Came to Town Our House 
On Friday night, the kids put on a show.  They sold tickets and each had an act--Peyton was a strong man, Lucy walked the balance beam, JT was a break dancing clown and Wade floated in and out of every act.  The show ended with the whole family dancing and laughing.

Lucy killing the big dance number 
during the finale of their circus.

It was in deed the greatest show on Earth.

Act Two:
The Fortune Teller
Later that evening, Tim and I celebrated how this whole show started.  We celebrated the anniversary of our engagement.  Fourteen years ago on February 15th, Tim proposed to me with a special note tucked inside a fortune cookie.  (Yes the 15th of February, not Valentine's Day--because duh, Valentine's Day is way too predictable and not what circus people do.)

Almost every February 15th, we get Chinese take out from the same place Tim got it 14 years ago.  That place has changed ownership and names over the years, but it's still there.  Sure, our house is more crowded than the restaurant even on a Friday night, but they are still there.  And I love that.  (Although, I will admit to feeling a little nervous the past couple of years about eating the food.  Why aren't there more people there?)

Act Three:
It Is Art
I told the kids one of my New Year's resolutions was to learn to play the Ukulele.  I'm over the losing 10 pounds, being more organized and all that practical resolving.  I wanted something fun and I love the ukulele. 

After pricing some on eBay, my ukulele resolution became like every other resolution, not done.  Ugh. Whatever.

We don't get each other anniversary gifts or Valentine's Day gifts usually.  But this year, the kids presented me with a gift they had been working on for a couple weeks with Tim.  

"It's a ukulele!," JT squealed.  "Your very own, just like you wanted!"

It was JT's idea and everyone jumped on board.  Tim encouraged the kids to draw up plans and helped them cut the wood.  Together they put the screws in to hold the wire for the strings.  Together they painted the heart.  Together they made me the best gift ever.  It is art.  It is wood and wire and paint and love.  
I was so moved that they even listened to me.

My ukulele now hangs in our kitchen.  Our kitchen, the heart of our home, the center ring of our circus, where we laugh and dance and eat and cook and create and do homework and have family meetings.  My ukulele, to precious to play, is on display as a symbol of being heard, creative expression, working together and love.  It is art.

Life IS a circus and I love it(busy weekend #1,255).

Yeah, maybe my New Girl, Zooey Deschanel mini-obsession has something to do with why I want to play ukulele.  But come on, wouldn't it be nice if I could play like this video?!!?

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