Sunday, December 25, 2011

Angels and the InnKeepers

So this is Christmas....

Last night we celebrated Christmas Eve at our church.

Lucy and I played the roles of innkeepers, busting gender barriers by playing a mostly male-dominated part.  Yup, merry feminist Christmas.  

I love being in the pageant because you get to dress up and it is so much more fun than sitting in church just listening and trying to keep your kids quiet.  I actually got to tell mine to "speak as loud as you can so everyone can hear you."  Awesome.  Along with Lucy and me, two of my boys were shepherds this year.

Since we started doing an upgraded pageant at our church a few years ago, my family and me have been a part of the cast.  I have provided two baby Jesuses, been a Wise Family, been the mother of a Roman soldier and King Herod and now the co-innkeeper.

My pal Steph is always the angel of the lord. No questions asked. I think she believes if there is a god, representing the angel of the lord every Christmas Eve will help her case further on down the road.  I am joking, she is a kick ass angel.

We seriously have a lot of fun.  And there is a moment at the end of the pageant every year where we get the best view in the house.  Up on stage,we look out at the congregation holding up candles singing "Joy to the World."  I don't care what you believe, you feel something at that moment.  You feel hope, reverence, love.

Hope you are all having a day filled with hope, reverence and love.

Merry Christmas.
Best pageant clip from a movie ever.

Next year's Christmas cards? (taken right before we left for church last night)

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