Thursday, December 22, 2011

THE Christmas Party

Kids not being in school an entire week before Christmas is borderline torture.  I love my children, but my god they are maniacs right now.  Hyper, excited, over-sensitive, expecting greatness at every moment. 

I went to bed before 10 p.m. last night.  So tired.  Too tired to watch tv.  Too tired to drink wine.  Gasp!

Every year.  It never fails.  I get a little cranky around the holidays.
A broken ornament (from the latest Christmas tree fall) that still valiantly hanging onto our sad tree.

The pressure to make it magical gets to me.  The pressure to make it happy gets to me.  The pressure to spend money gets to me.

This year has been a bit crazier than normal, but believe it or not, not that much crazier.  Life is hectic.  Expectations are a killer.  And I seemingly enjoy overcomplicating things.

I have been known to mutter "I hate Christmas" several times a week leading up to the big day.  I know.  Horrible.  

But never fear, just when it looks like all hope is lost my husband's enormous family hosts THE Christmas party.  It includes 50 plus family members, a pinata, Santa Claus and singing.  Every year, I am frazzled about making the passing dish and buying the gifts for this party.  But every year, once I am there my heart grows three sizes.  Like the Grinch, I gaze out at these sweet, hopeful (some a little drunk) people and get it. The family using song sheets to sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and other favorites--the same song sheets that were used 30 years ago. Generations gather together to celebrate family and their history.  The kids and grandkids are just as excited to sing and be together as they are to get presents.  Maybe even more excited. 

And I get it. The spirit of the season, the importance of traditions.

Just when I was feeling so over Christmas, my husband's family had their big party last weekend. And it worked it's magic.

Here's a video I made for the family about THE party. (It's 20 minutes long, but it's sweet, watch it if you have extra time (extra time? very funny I know.).)

Quick, I need another party.  I am losing my Christmas vibe because of my damn kids.   
It's getting scary around here, even the baby is suiting up for battle.

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