Friday, December 9, 2011

A Muppet of a Mama

A high fever is slowing me down right now.  I went to bed at 7 o'clock last night.  Simply unheard of for me.  I just woke up hoping it was a fluke, but no such luck.  I am sweating and shivering at the same time.  My entire body aches, even my toes.  I knew living on the edge and not getting that flu shot would haunt me.

So here is an abbreviated, somewhat delirious list of things I know for sure:

Nancy Reagan was totally onto something, just Say No To Drugs.  Xanax and Ambien are not so cute after 30 years ladies.

The other day in church I looked down and saw my kids doodling on the collection envelopes.  At closer look, I saw something that made me so proud.  They were drawing Muppets! 
The chef of course!
Gonzo and his ring of fire.

You know I love those lefty Muppets.  In fact I bought the latest Muppet movie soundtrack for the kids, but really I think more for me.  On a recent trip to Kalamazoo I sang my guts out to my favorite song "Man or Muppet." (That last sentence is possibly the strangest sentence I've ever typed.)  I know for sure that I am a Muppet of a mama.

I am sure the best medicine for me is my sweet babies' hugs.  (I am just praying they can get themselves all ready for their day at school and pack their own snacks.  Oh and not fight with each other all day, ha, ha.)

I also know for sure that notes to Santa are part of the magic of this season.  The closer Christmas gets, Lucy is getting a little nervous.  And she is demanding answers from Santa,  "IS IT TRUE!"

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