Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keep Telling the Stories

So I am sitting in Pittsburgh looking out over the South Side at the lights of the city.  
More impressive pictures of Pittsburgh to come, I promise.
I am feeling very Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City.  Except I am typing in the dark so the lights don't wake up my four kids, Pittsburgh is cool, but it ain't New York City and I am not smoking.

I swore I would go to bed early tonight, but here it is almost 1 a.m.  and I am still up.  And I will be up in four or five hours with all those kids.  Ugh.

But all those kids were really good today. 
They were good on the road.
And they acted like the games and candy at the rest area were DisneyWorld. 

And we are here to visit with Grandpa and Carrie and the uncles. 

Tonight we had a great time playing games, Christmas-ing, eating and talking.  We talked with the kids, we talked about the kids after they went to bed.  We grown-ups talked about how important it is to tell the stories.  The stories of what it was like when we were little.  The stories of what it was like when the kids were even littler.  Funny stories.  Sad stories.  They matter.

So, keep telling the stories.  Even when the kids are sick of hearing them.  It's their story.  And they matter.

This week, we will be taking a look back at some of the top stories of 2011....at least in my house.

We like to dance in our house, but some of us like to dance anywhere.  And it's no joke.  This top story took place on the way to the beach....a trip that took two days and lots and lots of time in the van.

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