Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Fun Parent (and a Top Moment of 2011)

Another rainy day in Pittsburgh  
The kind of day you want to drink coffee, read a newspaper and stay inside looking cool in a cool looking hat.  But the only person doing that was my brother. 
Another day of vacation with my kids.  

There was a lot more Wii, floor hockey, wrestling, drawing, a game of charades, eating, playing cars, more eating, talking and more eating.  Normal holiday family stuff.
Wade's Toy Story obsession is still in full force.
But one bonus that I fully took advantage of...was hanging out with my kids.  Which sounds crazy, aren't I always with my kids?  Yes, but I am also always cleaning the house, running around like a crazy lady and the like.  But here, while I am still a crazy lady, I am relaxing a bit.  

I was one of the floor hockey players with my boys and I sat down to draw with Lucy.

Usually, I am the stereotype serious planner, cleaner up mom.  While my husband is the funny, relaxed playmate great dad.  And most of the time I am very grateful to be married to someone who is such a great dad. But there are moments.  Moments of annoyance that he finds it so easy to relax and play.  Moments of jealousy that he loves to play pretend and the kids love him for it.

But today it felt good to have my own moment of playful abandon. For just a little while I was the fun parent. Thank you Grandpa and Carrie and Uncle Jeff.  Thank you vacation.  Thank you rainy day in Pittsburgh.

One of my top moments of 2011 for my family was a summer afternoon that epitomizes what a fun, playful dad my husband is.  And what lengths he will go to for a game of pretend.....even donning a Halloween 80s wig and looking like a creepy guy to be a customer at my kids' yard sale (that was severely lacking in customers and sales).

For another look back and to read more about how I suck at pretend play, click here.

And on another note, I love pop music!  And this look back is fun.

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