Friday, December 2, 2011

We Should Know Snow

We live in Michigan.  It is cold here.  

It is snowy and dreary more months than it is warm and sunny.  I should know snow.  But every year, when the first snow hits it the same scene in our house.  

"Where are my boots?" "My snowpants don't fit!"  "I only found one boot!"  "What am I going to dooooo?!"

We panic.
Kids might miss a recess that day.
And just like our mismatched socks (which is a year long thing), our gloves too don't match.  And some of the boys have been known to wear a pink glove or two when forced.

I joke that our yard looks like we were out playing and then the snow started falling and we just dropped everything we were doing and went inside. 

Like when the snow starts falling we look up asking "what is this stuff?" and stumble indoors scratching our heads.

We should know snow.
Maybe it is denial.  I am so much more of a slip on your flip flops and run outside to play kind of person. Not get your hats, gloves, scarves, coats, snowpants, boots and don't forget your extra shoes to change into.  I ALWAYS forget the extra shoes.  What the hell am I doing in Michigan?

Last year I tried to embrace it.  I supported hockey and ice skating for the family while I stayed home and made hot chocolate for everyone. I started getting really into Canada.  And I finally learned to cut out awesome snowflakes.  I went a little paper snowflake crazy and hung them everywhere.

But it didn't change anything this year with the first snow.  We were running around like crazy people.
We should know snow.  Especially since we have about eight more months of it.

Okay, I will try to like the idea of snow this year and be a better organizer of boots and stuff.  Maybe I will try to get into Michigan.  This web site and their shirts may help.  Fun.

And seriously check out this site bustedhalo...I am pushing the Advent Calendar again because I love it and think it is so cool. 

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