Monday, December 19, 2011

Fly Your Freak Flag

"We are not a one-take family," I told someone at the family Christmas party this past weekend.

But low and behold it was a Christmas miracle.  "Just take it, I like candids.  No big deal if everyone is looking," I said.  Look what happened...
This should have been my Christmas card! Waaaaa!

Maybe our luck is turning around?  A one take family? Hmmm.  I know it's not realistic to think that will happen all the time.  And quite frankly, I like the messy outtakes.  And the funny outtakes. 
They are what make the one-take wonders so special.

It was a busy weekend full of gymnastics, hockey, baseball, parties, shopping, church, pageant practice raucous Advent dinners and more.
I am full of the Christmas spirit in this picture.  And sorry JT is just gross, but those are more normal pictures for us.

Some good storytelling going on right about there.
So, I've been busy updating too.

The Damn Good Music page is updated.  Click here to check it out!  It's an all English update.  Christmas with Florence and the Machine and a new find.

Last week I wrote a blog post for Rochester Patch about Tim Tebow.  That's right, he is pop culture right now.  And I love me some pop culture.  Check out how I admitted to possibly being the Anti-Tebow. Click here to read the post.

Even SNL was talking Tebow this past weekend.  Check out the hilarious clip where Jesus tells Tebow to "take it down a notch."

This weekend we also watched my favorite movie for the holidays...The Family Stone.  It really is the movie that made us want to have a big family, which is a little nuts.  It is sad and funny, complicated and crazy.  I can relate.  We saw it for the first time when I was pregnant with JT and we were going to name him Everett after one of the characters in the movie.  Even when JT was 1 year old we thought maybe we made a mistake with the name.  We would call out "Everett" just to see if he responded and how it sounded.  See why I can relate with the crazy?  And you know we (Tim and me) love Diane Keaton.

Fly your freak flag!!! (If you know the movie, you know what that means.)

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