Monday, December 5, 2011

It's that time of year...

It's that time of year...that joyous time of five million commitments, parties, presents and more.

I have lived up to my normal overwhelmed Scrooge-like threats.  You see most nice parents threaten to call Santa if their little monsters are being bad.  I go straight to "I am so going to cancel Christmas this year!"

It is a tradition, much like putting up the tree or decorating the house.  My kids so know that I won't cancel Christmas, just like one of them so knows there is no way I could call Santa.  If you know what I mean....that's right the magic is gone for my oldest. Waaaa!

But damn, it feels good to scream in my mommy dearest, Sam Kinison voice, "That's it!  I am canceling Christmas!"

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy all of the lovely traditions.  I do, I really do.  But just like everyone else out there, it can get overwhelming to me and the kids.

This past weekend half of the family had breakfast with Santa (the other half was at baseball and hockey practice). 

Then we all grouped together to have birthday cupcakes for Jesus at church.  And then off to a holiday party sans children on Saturday night.
Peyton had a role in the drama the kids put on at Jesus' Birthday Party at church.

We have already been to our town's light up night (in the rain). 

And we have seen Santa multiple times.

And these are all wonderful things, good traditions.  But of course the times I enjoy the most are when the whole family is home together, and not fighting.  Playing a game together, watching a holiday movie together, spending time together.  Not dressing up. Not hurrying.  Not trying too hard to make a memory. That is the magic of the season.  

We had a blast at our Reverse the Story night.  The kids read all of us stories and made them funny or weird in their own way.  
Best Santa so far....Kentucky Santa.  It was right after my mother's fall, my sister and I got away from the hospital and took the kids to see Santa at the mall.  It was a real "Miracle on 34th St." moment.  One of the kids told him about my mom's fall and where she was. Without missing a beat Santa talked to them about it.  THEN he took the time to tell my sister "Look I know it hasn't been the best Thanksgiving, but I know things will get better. Merry Christmas."

Are you kidding me?  Kentucky Santa, I am a believer.   And I promise not to cancel Christmas.

A great gift idea!!!!
This is another pretty great part of why I would never cancel Christmas...people are so much more giving this time of year.  Only $20 could change a life.  Powerful.

The Adventure Project Holiday Stove Campaign from The Adventure Project on Vimeo.

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