Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Can't Be Categorized

So, as I've said before, my blog has no niche.  I like to tell people it's the place to come if you want to feel better about yourself. Bu-dunt-dunt...insert laugh track.  This isn't the place to learn how to take that chair you found on the side of the street and turn it into the most beautiful, bad-ass chair you've ever seen.  This isn't the place to find that perfect recipe that will make the neighbors oh so jealous impressed.

I set off for Blissdom last week, my first blog conference that everybody is probably sick of hearing about. 

Anyway, I set off on this adventure to learn about blogging and connect with other bloggers and social media entrepreneurs.  I didn't know one person that was attending.  As you saw from the video of me singing in the car (click here if you missed it), I had a good time on the drive.

At the first newcomers meet up, everyone was grouped together by their niche.  There wasn't a niche for crazy.  People were very nice and there were a few others that couldn't be grouped into "Food/Entertaining" or "Money/Budgeting" or "Parenting/Special Needs."  We non-nichers laughed it off like it was no big deal.  But if you've ever read this blog before you know that everything is a big deal to me.  And I tirelessly over-analyze things, and this niche stuff got me thinking.

The whole no niche thing really sums up my whole life.  And sometimes I am comfortable with it and sometimes I am so not.

In high school I didn't really have a niche (or clique).  I wasn't in the band, the theater, the smart kids club, the computer club, softball team or anything else.  I had friends, but most weren't the super close kind.  The whole not fitting into a niche/clique/club followed me into college and beyond.  All the way to this damn blog conference.

But you see, I can't be categorized....
  • I am a Democrat and a Christian (yes, they exist).
  • I believe anyone should be able to get married, but I'm not so sold on the whole piece of paper means we're committed idea.
  • I teach Sunday school but I love to say the word fuck (not at Sunday school  of course, but still you get the idea).
  • I love angry rap, but my ears bleed a little when the explicit version gets accidentally downloaded.
  • When I say I love all kinds of music I am not lying to look cool, I even liked Joe Jonas who performed at the conference last week.
  • I am a runner and live a healthy lifestyle, but could OD on Little Debbie Fudgerounds and drink wine like I'm getting a hefty paycheck to do so.
  • I love TV, but don't watch Revenge
  • I am a feminist but something bothers me about a woman playing the electric guitar
  • I love to dance, drink alcohol and laugh, but more so in my kitchen rather than a club.
  • I love to be with people, but I might love to be alone more.
So, I simply don't fit in.  Somedays I am okay with that.  Somedays I am not.

Blog conferences where you don't know anyone are hard places not to have a niche.  I met some very cool people and connected with them.  But the people I probably bonded with (and were the most comfortable with) the most were my shuttle drivers. I stayed at the Courtyard Marriot down the street from the expensive Gaylord Opryland Resort where the conference was and took a shuttle to the workshops and such. 

I would have long talks with them about not knowing anyone, being nervous, etc.  The guys would listen, give some advice and were really so sweet.  Just like the guys I used to unload on in my pre-Algebra class in high school.

Everyone that tells you life is like high school is so fucking right. Ugh.  Except the big difference in my opinion is acceptance.  Even though at times I wish I fit into a niche or category or clique, it's all good.  Would it be easier if I didn't have issues and could socially roll with situations and people better? Hell yes.  But it is still all good.

"Why do you write a blog?" Peyton asked me before I left for the conference.  I didn't think very long and said, "Well it just feels good to be creative and get it out of my head and heart.  I also hope that I relate with someone, entertain them or make them think about something a little differently."

I accept that I don't fit in.  I also accept that I try to live with intention and that what I say matters (to someone). Hey, that's what my fortune said in my cookie at the conference wrap up party.

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  1. Love it! Next year when we go to Blissdom we'll be the big swaggering confident ones... ha. well I can dream can't I?

  2. Great post - you had me laughing! So glad I got to meet you. Like they said at Blissdom... "Don't niche me in". I'm a niche free girl too... I like it. It's like blogging commando style.