Friday, February 17, 2012

So Much To Love

What's love got to do with it?

Oh, just about everything.
It may sound like I am complaining sometimes here on this blog and well, I am.  But that doesn't mean I don't love my kids, my husband, my life.  Because people I do.  I love my husband and my kids so much my heart feels like it will burst wide open. That love is why sometimes my worries are a little more worrisome, my fears are a little more fear-some.  

I know what I have is good, even with our financial stress bullshit, my crazy, mean mother and my complete, utter lack of ability to be organized.  There's still a lot about my life for me to love and I don't want to lose it or f*ck it up.

There's so much to love:

Like the fact that my pre-tween still wanted to do Valentine's Day Cards for his class party.

I love Lucy's idea of good fashion.  How could you not love her use of color and the Steelers socks?

And you can tell from the picture above, I am still loving my chalkboard wall in the new place.

I love that getting a real letter from Grandpa was the highlight of JT's week.

Not so crazy about my kids' love of tattoos, but I love their smiles after applying 500 of them before school.  (And no, we didn't have time to wash them off before we had to leave for that damn car loop.)

I love that Tim and I celebrated Valentine's Day on February 15th as we always do, by having take out from the restaurant we did on our first Valentine's together 14 years ago. I love the fact that even though life's not perfect, we still find so much joy in it.  Just look at Wade, still finding so much joy in the boxes that are still sitting around here unpacked.

And hey, guess what....I went regional and I love that! (Not quite the big time, but not bad.  See what I mean about the whole it ain't perfect, but we'll find joy kind of thinking?)  A blog post I wrote for the Rochester Patch went all HuffPost Detroit.  Ch-ch-check it out. It's about Whitney and addiction.  Click here.

Since this post is my post-Valentine's Day post all about love, here's a Valentine's-like video from SoulPancake.  LOVE it.

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