Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Trilogy

New deets about the new/old digs.

The dining room has green walls!  Just like the room in Goodnight Moon.  If I told Tim in our last house, "hey I want to paint the walls green" he never would've gone for it.  But here it's okay with him.  The house is actually full of color.  It's fun.

There's an awesome chalkboard wall in the kitchen/my office.  Much fun to be had with that for sure.

The boys are kickin it Brady style, all three share a room.  The room is pretty huge and for the last/first few nights, it has worked out pretty well.

Princess Lucy of course has her own room and of course she feels lonely and wishes she were sharing.  I think that I passed on that never satisfied gene. Uh-oh.

We are renting and I like it.  I feel edgier, cooler. Like we are go with the flow, maybe we'll renew our lease, maybe we won't type people.  "We may never buy again," I told my pal Steph.  And then I explained the freedom I felt being a renter.  "Yeah," she agreed.  "It's like being engaged instead of married."  Yup, sums it up, we have an out.  If we hate this house I am ending the engagement!!!

But for now we are all giddy and happy and showing off the ring, I mean rooms.  And just like a couple that just got engaged and hasn't gotten too deep into the wedding planning, we see loads of potential.  

Here is the final installment of Moving Out to complete the trilogy.  Here's Moving Out Part Three:

Just in case you missed them, here's part one and part two.

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