Monday, February 27, 2012

Driving, Singing, Conferencing

Last week I went to a blogging conference and funny enough stepped away from my blog for the longest time in almost six months.  I just got back last night.

There is so much to say.  I learned so much about what I want to be and even what I don't want to be.
Here's an under 2 minute movie about my experience at Blissdom.

I discovered things about myself like the fact that I get that creepy Tom Cruise overdone laugh when I am nervous around new people. Ugh.  I discovered that I like people, but I am not all of a sudden a super social party-loving kind of gal.  

I discovered that if you asked me "Are you more like Gayle or Oprah?" (because I'm sure that's what you were going to ask me), I would say Gayle.  I would say that because I sang (or rapped) the entire road trip down to Nashville and back (like Gayle on their famous road trip if you weren't making the connection).  

Here's an under 2 minute movie about how I entertained myself on the road.

More deets after I get myself together.

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