Thursday, February 16, 2012

Word of The Week: A**hole

Lucy came over to me and asked if I knew that if I held my tongue and said "apple" it sounded like a bad word.  Gasp! What?  An oldie, but a goodie I guess if it's survived all these years. This scenario played out at my friend Steph's house last week, but a little different.  Her son came up to her and said "Did you know if you hold your tongue and say apple..." he started to explain.  "I can beat ya, asshole," she said boldly.  I love her.

At dinner the other night, one of the kids told a story about a kid that got sent to the office for calling another kid "asshole."  I just sighed with relief that it wasn't my kid.

Now what I am about to say might make a few people uncomfortable.   Here it goes...

My two-year-old can be a real a#*hole.  There it is.  Sorry but it's true. (It feels better not typing the whole thing out when in regards to the baby however.)
Awwwww, he's so cute.  

He may be cute, but a tad bit violent too.
Poor baby really doesn't stand a chance.  I mean he is just trying to make a name for himself in this family.  And sure I might be exaggerating a little with the name calling, but you see he likes to throw things--cars, toys, food and fits.  Last weekend he threw a book at Lucy.  She didn't duck in time and the book caught her in the eye.  

One scratched cornea and eye patch later, my husband and I agreed, the baby Wade can be an asshole.  (My husband will deny agreeing to that however.)

Here's a reminder of what he is dealing with and maybe a little insight into why he's a bit rough.

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