Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Outta Here

A year ago, I was thinking about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be.  I was reading blogs and thinking about starting my own.

One morning I read about how one of my favorite blog writers was on their way to Blissdom, a blog/social media conference.  That one morning happened to be a morning I too was leaving on a trip---a trip to take care of my mother who was in the hospital refusing rehab, again.

I quietly wished I was going to Blissdom.  I wished that I was a blogger, a writer, a woman who pursued a dream, a passion, an identity.  An identity outside of taking care of my beloved children (whom I adore, so don't take that the wrong way) and my husband (who is totally capable of taking care of himself, but we've fallen into certain, stereotypical roles, it happens people), and my mother (who if you don't know yet, is a trend setting baby boomer drug addict with slight to extreme mental issues).

So this year, today, right now, I am doing it.  I have a blog and I am going to Blissdom in search of more social media knowledge and of course, followers.  And it feels f-ing fantastic, but still a little scary.

Here's a little mini-movie about it.

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  1. Great meeting you tonight at BlissDom.

  2. Love your blog!! Thanks for leading us in the right direction at Blissdom! :)