Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin Leap Day

It's Leap Day people.  We get one extra day.  Normally this would be where I roll my eyes and say something like "Oh goody, another day to enjoy the stupid month of February, who likes that?"

But today is different.  Maybe because we've had a non-winter here in Michigan, so it's not so bad to have another day of this usually dreary, depressing, snowy, snow day filled month.  Maybe because I'm getting older and the idea of an extra day, even just one, is awesome.

One more day to try and get it right.  

Earlier in the week, Lucy lifted my shirt and looked at my stomach.  I was waiting for the usual "Your stomach is so big because you had all of us right?" question she has asked so many times before.  But no this time, she asked about the hole next to my belly button.  The hole that used to hold a belly ring.  It's like a scar from my younger days--a scar that tells the story about how I used to be wild, carefree...and stupid (and skinnier).  I got lost in thinking back to those days with fondness as well as much regret.  Lucy snapped me back to my current role as mother setting an example to her young daughter.

"When you had a ring in there, did you look hot?" Lucy asked.  I quickly pushed my shirt down quickly resembling my conservative grandmother, pursing my lips together and shaking my head.  

"Well did you? Did you look sexy?" she pushed, intrigued with my obvious uncomfortableness.

"Where did you hear that?" I practically shrieked.  I was panicking.  Sexy?  Good god!  

"It just means looking good right?  Some kids in my class were singing 'I'm sexy and I know it,'" she explained. (that damn M&M commercial!)

I explained that those words weren't really appropriate words for a second grader, they were more for grown ups and yes, hot and sexy are words grown ups use to say people are very good looking.  As I was trying to figure out what came talk? for real? are you kidding me? no way? what if I make too much of this? what if I don't make enough of it? is she headed for dressing slutty in eighth grade like me? oh f*ck, are you there god,? Judy Blume? it's me!!!!  While I was making myself crazy with all my crazy, Lucy had moved on and was playing with her brothers.

Whew, I figured I'd deal with it later, you know, later when I have it all figured out.  As I was leaving the room to cook dinner for my little angels, Lucy said one last zinger, "Hey mom, were you ever hot?"
Why would she ever think I was not hot? Hmmm, Maybe it's tough when this is how she usually sees me...swallowed up by massive piles of laundry.

Yep people, one more day of beautiful moments like these.  Hope you are enjoying your extra day.

Merry Leap Day! Be careful and don't miss it or your kids could discover Liberalism.  Love me some 30 Rock.


  1. As a fellow used-to-be-hot-belly-button-ring-wearer-turned-mom I think you handled that well... I think my response would have gone a little something like "Well, thanks a lot! (laced with sarcasm)."

    1. That's totally what I wanted to say and I almost dug through boxes to find old pictures to prove I used to be hot, well at least pictures of when I was trying to be hot. Ha!

  2. LOVE it! I'm TERRIFIED of my daughter getting any older than she is now because I don't remember knowing 1/4 of what she knows when I was her age and I fear having to explain things much sooner than I think I will have to!