Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back Together

Everyone is back home again--the older kids are back from Grandpa Camp, my reunion is over and done with and Tim isn't traveling.  The six of us are back together and it's pretty great. 
This is our fancy sign the little boys and I made for the big kids' homecoming.  

My kids laughing upstairs (or even fighting downstairs) is such a welcome sound.  All feels right with the world.
I know all the boys need haircuts.  And doesn't Wade looks like a Frat boy in this picture?

After not being together because of various travels for over two weeks, we sat down to dinner together last night.  

It was my no means perfect.  Peyton burped and acted like an obnoxious tween.  Lucy snarled at her meal and refused to try the fish.  JT was pretty chill, but cried when he couldn't have a Pepsi.  Wade completely flipped out and melted down in his room.  Tim couldn't handle the noise and looked like he was going to go to his room and melt down.  It was a mess.  But it was our mess and I loved it.

It's like they can't get close enough to each other.  I know it won't last and they'll be fighting a lot more by Thursday, but it's nice.
They have a couple more weeks of slumber parties left before a stricter schedule when school starts.  That's going to be fun.

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