Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Parenting

Since the beginning of the opening ceremonies my family has been very into the Olympics.

Watching the Olympics is way different than it used to be. I am watching as a mom now.  A mom of little athletes.

I relate more to those sacrificing, nervous looking, tired, mostly old parents in the stands.  I don't think any of my kids will be Olympians (however I won't limit them and you never know), but I am at the beginning of all the practices, games and all that sports mom stuff.  I've just gotten a taste of what it's all about and I have a whole new respect for not only the athlete, but the parents and the whole family.  

Raising little athletes to be good sports, whether they make it to the Olympics or not, is quite a challenge.  There are a lot of freaky parents, pushy programs/coaches and a whole bunch of too-much-too-soon pressure.  

A lot of the Olympic parents seem to have a handle on all this.  So, I am watching the games and all those amazing athletes, but I am also watching the parents and families.  And taking notes when they are interviewed. 

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And here's Jordyn Wieber's mom.

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