Thursday, August 2, 2012

Got Your Flip Flops?

Fall better back the f@#* off.  

I know a lot of you are posting pictures of cozy sweaters on Pinterest. Not to mention pictures of mantle displays full of pumpkins and leaves.  You all seem so excited and I don't get it.
Wade sporting some really cool (and big) shades while lounging at the pool.  To me, it doesn't get better than a day at the pool.

I realize some of you have kids that started back to school, so mentally maybe you've made the shift.  But we have another month before my kids' start school, mentally there has been no shifting.  We have another month of no homework battles, no worries about reading levels, no forgetting to make lunches...

Usually, I'm the mom that can't wait for the kids to go back to school, but not this year.  This year I am totally digging the complete lack of a schedule and the utter disregard of any kind of order.  We wake up early still, but we are in no hurry. s

"Got your flip flops?" I ask the kids as we head out the door.  I like that so much better than "don't forget your hat, gloves, snowpants, coat." 

I know we aren't talking winter, but people fall is not a long season here in Michigan.  And the long gray winter will be here soon enough. 

So slow down people, grab your flip flops, soak up the sun, jump in the pool/lake and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Sheryl Crow has the right idea.

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