Friday, August 24, 2012

Boys and Girls and What I Know For Sure (this Week)

Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars.  Remember that book?  Well I never read it, but I get it.  In so many ways men and women are very different.  And you know what?  It starts very young.

I broke up a million fights this week between my own boys and between my boys and the neighbor boys.  "What are you doing?," I screamed (remember I am not a calm mother).  "Get off each other!  Stop fighting!," I screamed louder.

Every time, the boys turned and looked at me dumbfounded.  With a "what are you talking about lady? we're having fun here" look.  How is pushing each other, wrestling with each other, piling on top of each other, pulling back your friends' arms behind their heads or finding "pressure points" fun?

I. Do. Not. Get. It.

Boys are different.  In a lot of ways they are great, I 'm not bashing boys.  I have three wonderful ones for god's sake.  But I still don't get all the wrestling.

The other day, I had nine boys in my backyard acting crazy.
Inside, I had three girls and a baby baking brownies with me.

Taking turns measuring and stirring.  Singing and dancing while they stirred.  Pretending they were famous chefs.  Pretending they were making brownies for the royal family in the castle and they had to be extra tasty. Imagining all kinds of scenarios.  Breaking out into a dance to a clean version of a Rhianna song every now and then.  This, I get. Totally.

The boys?  They were "fighting" over who got to wear the bucket on their head and was taken down in a wrestlmania championship.  Mmm-kay.

I will never understand boy play, this I know for sure.

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

  • Thirty-one products are pretty and pretty cool.  You can't go to your kids' baseball game or the pool these days without seeing at least a handful of moms with a thirty-one bag. You know why?  Because they are practical and fashionable. 
And it happens to be my first giveaway!!!!

You could win not just one gift from thirty one, but two.  I am giving away a thermal tote and a cinch sac in the adorable Flutter pattern.

All you have to do is, leave a comment here, like the Facebook page, or leave a comment on the Facebook page and you will be entered to win.  This is the perfect back to school prize.  And if you are interested in hosting a party (so you can get more free items, discounted items and hang with your friends)click here
 (Click here for more information on Thirty-One.)

  • Speaking of back to school, I love this Old Navy commercial. At first I was like, "oh no, poor Jason Priestley," but then I was like "oh yay, Brandon and Andrea."  Funny for us old original 90210 fans, who I guess are all parents and Old Navy's target market.

  • I am having a blast with MomPulse.  Here's the latest video if you missed it.

  • I need a new song.  A song that becomes my back-to-school, get-my-groove-on anthem.  I'm taking suggestions.  In the meantime, I heard this song on the radio in the minivan the other day and I couldn't contain myself.  I loved it in 1996-ish and I  LOVE it now.  C'mon 'N Ride It. I dare you NOT to dance.

  • Deer scare the f*#k out of me.  This week I went on  a tranquil bike ride with my kids on a peaceful trail.  It was wonderful.  We parked our bikes and explored a little and then I saw it, I mean them.  

The deer. Staring me down.  I know I sound crazy, but once I saw this video about animals attacking humans and I never forgot it. Ever.

What do you know for sure (this week)?  Please share in the comments or on the Facebook page.  Remember, each comment is an entry into the Thirty-One giveaway.  And plus, I want to know what you know.


  1. Enter me please! Love 31! And your blog. :)

    1. Thank you! You, my friend, are officially entered!

  2. What do I know for sure this week? 1) I would love a thirty-one bag! Please enter me. 2) I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Loved the Mom Pulse video! Keep on keeping on girl!

    1. So glad you liked the video! Thanks for watching and reading.

  4. Love your blog! Love those bags!

    1. Thanks for reading, commenting and entering the giveaway!

  5. I love thirty one! I liked the FB page for "Jumping with My Fingers Crossed".

    I know for sure that this week is my son's last week of freedom before school begins!


    1. Hope you and your son enjoyed his last week of freedom! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. What I know for sure...I have missed our backyard/over the fence chats while our awesome husbands played catch with the kids! I also know that I keep meaning to set up a 31 party because the bags looks so nice, & practical to sign me up please. And keep up with the amazing blog...I at least get to keep up the Youngblood family adventures here. Miss you all!! :)

    1. I miss you!!! Thanks for reading and hope I get to see you soon.

  7. Loved reading this post! Keeping MY fingers crossed for the thirty-one giveaway!