Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To School Resolutions

We attempted to do some back to school workbooks and it didn't go too well.

After a loooooong couple days with all of my lovely children, I will tell you....I am very ready for school to start.

Yesterday morning we headed up to the elementary school to meet the kids' teachers for the new school year.  The new school year that doesn't start for six days, nine hours and five minutes.  Roughly.

Last year, I went to the meet the teacher event, called "World of Welcome," full of excitement and hope. My children proceeded to turn into mini devils.  The morning ended with JT biting Lucy.  Yup, we left quite an impression.

So really, unless JT bit the new teacher, this year had to be better right?  And it was.  All three kids seem, dare I say, excited about school starting.  And nobody bit anybody.  

I'm not only ready, but I'm excited too.  I'm excited for a lot of different reasons--the kids soaking up some knowledge, hanging with their friends, getting away from me and coming home happy (okay, that last part is wishful thinking I know).

The last couple weeks of summer are always a little rough.  We've had our fun.  We're ready to move forward, but not ready to let go.  We are all a little nervous about all the unknown that a new school year can bring, for all of us.  We have butterflies.  

But mostly, we get so sick of each other these last couple weeks that we can't wait for the first day of school.  A change.  A fresh start. 

Last year, in the vein of newness and fresh started-ness, I came up with a list of resolutions.

My 2011/2012 Back To School Resolutions with Updates:

  • Finding the perfect morning routine that gets the children to school loaded up with a healthy brain-food breakfast and no anxiety. 
  • Actually spending time with the baby, Wade, while the others are at school and finally reading him a book. 
  • Learning to love little league/pee-wee football.  If your kid is in it you understand, you have no choice in it taking over your life.  So you better learn to love it.
  • Not getting mad at my husband and playing the who works harder and is more tired game every night.  
  • Drinking less wine.  I must admit I was going to name this post "How blogging made me an alcoholic" because I am enjoying a glass or two or three with each post.
  • Tweeting more.  Yup, that's right I really want to get skilled in...Twitter.  
Click here to read more about last year's resolutions and my back to school revolution.

The only thing I followed through with is tweeting more. Whomp. Whomp.  So, just like my New Year's resolutions, where I've resolved to learn a new language and lose 10 pounds every January for the last 15 years, there are things that will stay on my list.  I will still be searching for that perfect morning routine, still trying not to get mad at my husband while playing the who is more tired game.  And don't even get me started on the drinking thing.  Just don't.

A couple new items on the Back To School Resolutions for 2012/2013:
  • Volunteer in my kids' classes more.  I told JT's new teacher she would see me more than when she was Lucy's teacher, which was never. Mwha-ha-ha. More than never, those are good odds.
  • Get more creative with my kids' school lunches.  Even at home, I lack creativity.  After this summer, my kids will never want another hot dog again for as long as they live.
  • Say "hi" more and judge less.  The end.
  • Get more sleep. And kick the baby out of the bed, for good.
  • Drink less.  Analyze less.  Lose my temper less. Laugh more.  Run more. Relax more.
We will enjoy the next 6 days, nine hours and five minutes.  And yeah, we may bug the hell out of each other, but that's part of the process of school prep right?  

I will be making this hooray, I'm happy face again on the first day of school. Believe it.

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  1. Your daughter with the pencil under her nose: sassiest and cutest picture ever!

  2. Thanks! That picture pretty and your description sums my daughter up- sassy and cute. lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!