Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Busy Part 865 and Mom Kinds

I've been busy (what's new, right? that's why the part 865 in the post title, just in case it wasn't clear).  

Not only with trying to make the last two weeks of summer everything we ever imagined summer could be (nothing like setting my expectations a little high), but also writing, planning and vlogging.

Check it out:
I am committed to blogging more over on my gluten free blog- A Gluten-Free Family.
Here's the latest post about JT's drinking problem.

And here's the latest MomPulse Vlog:
It's about determining what kind of mom you are.  

                                                              It's based on an article on Huffington Post by Erin Mantz about the top five moms other moms love to hate.  Here's how they are defined:

The Crafty Mom
She always knows what's on sale this week at the local craft store and you can always count on her to have a great selection of fabric markers in a pinch. She is not only crafty, but creative and patient as well -- how could her creations be so perfect if she wasn't? 
The Worrywart Mom
She isn't sure things are safe. She dreads the class field trip, the outdoor birthday party, the school lunches, the local sports league. She not only hovers, she hints at potential disasters. 
The Stylish Mom
She looks like she's stepped out of Glamour magazine and into real life, appearing ten years younger and way better rested than the rest of us.
The Under-the-Gun Mom
Run into this mom anywhere and within one minute she will seem like she's busier and under more pressure than anyone else. Whether she works inside or outside the home, has a nanny or not, she is always running late, running around or running in circles, and she wants everyone to know about it. 
The Laid-Back Mom
She's never investigated the parental control features on the computer or DVR and doesn't worry about the lyrics in the latest songs her kids put on their iPods. Her motto is live and let live -- and she's fun. 
What kind of mom do you think I am?  Watch the short (under 3 minutes) Vlog to find out! 
The Vlog:

Let me know what you think.  
Also let me know what kind of mom you are?  

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