Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Update and The Kid Whisperer

This picture looks like the cover of an album from the 1970s or a pamphlet on addiction. 
With only one week left of summer vacation, we are living it up with lots of: baseball, baseball and more baseball; 
Baby Wade can't wait to get in the game.
BBQs, picnics and breakfasts outside;
You can't beat breakfast outside.   
boat rides on the lake; grandparents and cousins; and lots of hanging out.
Breakfast outside again AND cousins? Summer=awesome.
Yes, there are two babies underneath the plastic picnic table. Yes, there are.
Sometimes in this business of parenting, managing a family, organizing (or at least attempting to) a life, you can forget to sit back and enjoy it.  That is normally not a huge problem for me.  But I will admit to possibly not appreciating my partner in crime enough-my husband, Tim.  I also admit to possibly being a little overcritical and naggy.  You might say a bit of an overemotional, control freak (um the worst kind of control freak by the way). Gasp! I know shocking, right?

But it is jam packed summer weekends that remind me why I love this man.  Why I agreed to the whole "let's have another baby" suggestion over and over.  Because he's amazing.  I feel like gagging a little at the mushy sentiment.  Seriously, I would probably make fun of other people writing crap like this.  So have at it, make fun if you will.  I can take it.  

Because Tim isn't the perfect guy for everybody.  You've got your perfect or you're looking and will hopefully find your perfect.  Tim is a perfect match for me because he is laid back and supportive.  He's funny and more importantly he thinks I'm funny (most of the time).  He's a good listener I think.  One time I asked him how in the hell he could deal with my crazy mother when we used to visit her.  "How can you just sit there so calmly and listen to her go on and on and on?," I asked.  He proceeded to boast about his amazing secret talent of tuning out and just looking like he's listening. I was like wait, what?

Way back when I first fell in love with him, my littlest brother was 7 years old.  I was amazed at how well he played with him.  Not just played with him, but connected.  He was like a kid whisperer.  I knew he would be a good father and that made me love him even more and think he just might be my perfect match.

Even after this whole busy business of managing life has taken its toll (and believe me, we may be a perfect match, but we are so fucking far from perfect and a toll has been taken), he is still a kid whisperer.  This weekend with our own kids and his nieces and nephews, it was in full effect.  And I fell in love with him even more, even after all these years.

Fun with a patriotic ping pong game.

Tim looks thrilled to be holding two cute babies, although Wade looks a little pissed that his cousin Mia is getting his dad's attention.

That's what summer is about, right?  Relaxing into the moment, soaking up the sun and remembering what's good about life. 
***Okay on a totally neurotic, pessimistic note, I am a bit worried that I am loving life so much lately that I'm setting myself up for a terrible fall (oooh no pun intended,  seriously I meant the season).  Ugh.  Sorry, the crazy in me is always waiting for the other shoe to fall, if you will.  The superstitious in me is writing this to cover the bases, if you will.  

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  1. Just started reading your blog--you are so funny and I love reading about your family. Have never heard of the 31 products but would love to win one, they look really cool.

  2. Aw, I loved this post...I can identify with finding my calmer, supportive other half. <3

    1. Thank goodness we found our perfect other halves that could be a calming influence!! I think we need it. And they need us too right? To make life a little more interesting and exciting, right? :)

  3. As another local family, i love watching your family interact with each other. You have a wonderful family.

    1. Awww thanks! I needed to read that right now. We are all driving each other a little nuts these last few days of summer vacation. Thanks for reading and commenting!