Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Better than Betty

Can a person burn out of playing?  I just don't feel like playing anymore.

It could just be that yesterday was a really long day.  Or that I don't sleep much. Or that I am completely not eating very healthy lately.  

Overall, I'm a pretty fun mom, at least I think so.  I don't worry about messes, don't really have a "you're being too loud" rule and am almost up for about anything.

Case in point, a fun mom doesn't get mad when paint is spilled by the 2 year old, everywhere, right before bedtime.  She doesn't get mad when she doesn't realize it's all over her fingers and ends up on her face.  She doesn't even get mad when her kids are laughing at her for looking like an idiot with warpaint on her face, unknowingly.  Now that's a completely, utterly exhausted fun mom.

But today I felt way more Betty Draper from Mad Men than....oh my god there is no fun tv mom reference.  I just went totally blank.  Sure there are moms that were cool and easy going like Mrs. Brady (duh, Brady Bunch), compassionate and understanding like Mrs. Keaton (Family Ties) and super smart and together like Mrs. Huxtable (The Cosby Show).  But fun and zany?  I can't really think of one.  Dads, butlers and nannies are usually the zany, fun ones.

Ugh. I am so disturbed that now this post is taking a completely different turn.  All moms are portrayed as the sensible, kind, calm (er) ones that take care of situations, but lack a sense of humor or a sense of play.

And I am fitting the stereotype.  

"We need you to come home, we are having way too much fun," my loving husband Tim told me when I went away recently.  I knew my kids would have fun with their fun dad.  I wasn't prepared for how apparent the differences between us were. "We need you to give us some structure," he explained.

Screw it.  I may not be zany and love to play, but don't worry I'm not the calm one that takes care of situations either.  Wait that's not a good thing.  Ugh.

Whatever.  At least I'm not Betty Draper, dude she's horrible.

And that is why I cannot wait for the long awaited two hour season premiere this Sunday of Mad Men.  You know Betty will do some crazy shit and I will feel so much better about myself.

Awwwww, since I mentioned those rad tv moms, here's some of my favorite clips:

Everyone needs a mom like Clair Huxtable in their corner.

Just the opening of Family Ties makes me well up with nostalgia.

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