Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Someday Is Now- In Living Color

After making my spring fever resolutions, I started my day out yesterday all bright and shiny.  I woke up early, even took a shower, made breakfast, got the older kids to school and headed to the gym.  Just as my exercise class was getting started, I got the news.  I got kicked out of the gym for the rest of the week.  

Kicked out because Wade bit some other kid in the childcare room.
Wade- the 2-year-old who we all think is one of the big kids until he goes and bites somebody.
Sure, I laughed it off to the other moms and pathetically felt loved and accepted when the childcare workers called me a "cool, understanding mom."  And yeah, I might've cried a little in the van and again in the bathroom at home.

But I won't let one little set back on my quest to change my life get me down.  

So I am embarking on Operation In Living Color (a fun way of saying I want to wear more color). Color makes me happy.  Color is bold, and being bold is scary and exciting. All good things.

A couple months ago I went to a friend's funeral.  Before she died, she requested people not wear black. She wanted people to wear something bright and colorful.  I searched through my closet and realized most of my clothes are grey and black.  I was able to find a purple flower pin and stuck that on my grey shirt which was paired with a black skirt of course.  

But now that I am all about color and boldness, I am going to start wearing color (or at least more colorful flower pins).

For a little inspiration I need look no further than my little Lucy.  She has a killer sense of style that is all her own.  
A sense of style that I hope she continues to embrace, just like the fairy wings she wore every day to preschool.  Every day.  

Lucy can pull off mix and match plaids.

No one rocks snowman socks with a sundress like my Lulu.

Her one fashion rule? Well really there's two: It must be comfortable and it must be colorful.

I used to dress all funky and crazy as a kid when we would visit the big city, Chicago.  My version of funky and crazy was a mash up of Madonna and Tina Turner--lots of bracelets, teased hair and ultra short skirts (and sometimes Jody Watley style hoop earrings and mega belts).  And if I was feeling really crazy and colorful, I would put blue hair paint on.  Does anyone remember hair paint?  And stickers for my face, placed carefully and oh so awesomely on my cheekbones.

My fashion idols were indeed Madonna and Lisa Bonet as Denise on The Cosby Show.  Someday I thought, I am going to dress really funky and colorful. 

Well screw it, my someday is now.  So keeping in mind Lucy's two rules, Lisa Bonet's courage and my resolution to wear more color, I am going to start shaking it up.  Have a little fun with color.
One of my rules in fashion and life is to never take it too seriously.  I wear my heart and my sense of humor on my sleeve..
Here's a phenomenal video about older women who embrace color and having fun with their fashion. 

Advanced Style: Age and Beautyfrom Ari Cohen on

And just in case you needed a reminder of how sweet Jody Watley's look was, here you go.

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  1. two things:

    1. a WEEK for biting?! wtf.
    2. i had the total hots for jody. sigh.