Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pants or No Pants, Spring Has Sprung

We moved the clocks ahead on Sunday and suddenly spring has sprung.  Warmer than average temps are getting us all kinds of excited about getting outside.

Like true Michiganders, once it reaches 60 degrees my kids insist on wearing shorts or in Wade's case, no pants at all.  

"It's not warm enough for no pants," I yelled as I chased him down the driveway.  Which begs the question, when is it actually warm enough to go around town with no pants?

In a rare case of complete optimism, I feel all hopeful, excited and warm on the inside too.  Maybe it's because it does indeed feel like spring has sprung.  A new season--new beginnings, new discoveries, new adventures.
Lucy and JT were fascinated yesterday with the disgusting giant mini-snakes earthworms they were digging up.  They weren't afraid to pick up the worms, squish them in their palms gently and let them wiggle all around.  JT named each worm Bob. 

They were totally unbothered by the worms, but anytime a spider came close they both screamed in terror.

That's how I feel about all this springy optimism.  I'll let it wiggle around a bit, but then just like a spider a dark and twisty feeling will crawl up.  But I won't scream.  I'll welcome it like an old friend.  It keeps me in check.  

"You'll be crying before bedtime," my crazy mother used to tell me when I was a kid.  It was usually when my best friends or cousins were at my house and we were having the best time ever playing.  I hated when she would tell me that, mostly because I usually did cry before bedtime.  But damn it, it was like telling someone "bless you" before they sneeze.  Frustrating, maddening. 

So, I'll enjoy all this happy, spring joy, but I'll stay balanced with my neuroticism.  Thanks mom? 

That my friends is what keeps me from getting so over the top happy about 60 degrees in Michigan and running around town without pants.

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