Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Kind of Wonderful

I'm having a much better week.  I'm trying to take the time to celebrate the good stuff--big and small.
The trees blooming early? Yup I'm celebrating that for sure.
Like the fact that baby Wade has made it two days in a row at the gym childcare without biting anybody. In case you're wondering, that is considered big in my world.  Small stuff I'm celebrating? All my favs making it to the live shows on The Voice.

It's amazing what some sleep, an attitude adjustment and acceptance will do.  Because essentially it's the same week--I fell off the wagon with my nutella and red wine; the kids are sniffling and seem to be getting a yet another new virus; the little boys are still coming into my bed at night and last night both of them peed in the bed.  I mean these things would've sent me over the edge last Wednesday.
Obviously, I didn't use a hand model, yuck.  But look at my newest nutella love, gluten free pretzels dipped in the good stuff!!!!! Oh my!
But due to a shift in hormones self-acceptance, it's all pretty good.  And I am celebrating.

The big and small and ordinarily wonderful. 
And it's mostly some kind of wonderful.

This song was a sad theme song for me last week.  But this week, it is just beautiful.

Introduced to this beautiful duo, First Aid Kit, by bad ass blogger at Girl Gone Child.  I adore that blog.

This song is my theme song this week.  Old school Bonnie Raitt.  Sigh. Enjoy.

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