Friday, March 23, 2012

Strange-Both Good and Bad (And Things I Know For Sure)

This week has been strange.  
Both good and bad strange.

80 degree temperature in Michigan in March is a good strange.

Getting called twice this week from the elementary school and being asked to pick up a sick kid is a bad strange.

Six hours of sleep in one night is definitely a good strange.

Fighting off depression and crying in the car loop, ugh, normal strange. Waaaah.

But here are a few things I know for sure (this week):
If I were a soap character, I just might be the one with a split personality.  For example, check out these two crazy different songs that I am LOVING right now.

Abigail Washburn, "Nobody's Fault But Mine" She is so cool.

Nicki Minaj just might be my new Pit Bull--I am loving every new song she is in and she is in a lot of them. (If you can't watch it on your phone/ipad/etc. Go check out Nicki Minaj's "Starships," so fun.)

Mad Men is coming back and I can't f-ing wait.  If you need a recap of the last season (a year and a half ago) here it is:

If I was super cool I would throw a Mad Men theme party like this in honor of the two-hour premiere.  If anyone wants to throw a party like this and invite me, I would love to attend! These pics and ideas are from  Check them out.

I'm rocking Operation In Living Color with my new $7 bracelet from Francesca's.  I love it so much--because it is bright yellow and it feels like Wonder Woman's bad ass super power cuffs. (Although I look more Tim Tebow than Lynda Carter in this picture.)
It's good to have a goal.  I have a secret goal of getting 100 "likes" on this here blog's Facebook page.  I am at a whopping 58 now.  If you feel inclined to like it and/or share it on your own Facebook page, that would be, well, pretty f-ing awesome. Click here to like and share away!

Twitter celebrated 6 years in existence this past week.  You know I love Twitter(@angelaYBlood).  What I know for sure is that Jimmy Kimmel's salute to Twitter made me laugh out loud. LOVE IT.


  1. 100% jeal of that bracelet! that's the kind of bracelet that you can A) wear with anything or B) build a whole outfit around! great choice.

    and did you get that headband in nashville? i almost bought one but it looked weird on my giant mexican head.

  2. You know - I always picture celebrities sitting around tweeting when they are on the toilet (I mean, when else they got the time!).