Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Sucked In

I was talking to a friend about blogging and we discussed the fact that three of the big time bloggers she follows are in the middle of divorces.  Hmmmm...I thought in a true C&C Music Factory moment.

(Chill baby baby, chill baby baby wait! This was my first CD.  It arrived by FedEx from my father (who lived in another state) on my birthday.  It was very exciting and so modern. Yup. I know you can't watch it on everything (i.e. iphone), but those of you who can, enjoy.)

The thing about blogging, or really any social media, is it can suck you in completely. So completely you lose track of time completely.  Yes, I am saying that blogging is my online porn.  It's not as dirty as it sounds.  There's just a lot of good stuff out there to read, to be entertained by and learn from.  Couple that with an intense creative drive to produce and a crazy dream to make a difference or a dent in this blog/social media land and I get it.  I get how other areas of people's (bloggers') lives suffer.

Some of the speakers at Blissdom spoke about what a tricky balance it can be.  Put down the iphone, Twitter can wait, Pinterest will be there tomorrow and so will ideas to write and post about.  

Now not every blogger gets divorced, but for sure feels this pull at times.  For me, it's just a little bit harder to step away and let go a little at the beginning of my dream.  But I'm stepping away to go fall asleep on the couch watch the last two episodes of Parenthood on the good old DVR with my husband.

Oh, and if you want to check out my other blog, A Gluten-Free Family please do so.  

I almost forgot I had another blog.  Then a couple weeks ago, my sister was visiting and I was going to wow her with my gluten free chocolate chip scone recipe I found.  Only problem was I couldn't find my cookbooks because I have yet to unpack them since moving to the new house.  

"That sucks, because you were going to love them," I said defeated.

But then I remembered I put that recipe on my blog, A Gluten-Free Family.  I instantly became so useful, to, well, me.  Hey, it's a start.

If you go over to that blog, you should totally check out the killer guacamole recipe for real.

Oh, and have I mentioned I put up a Facebook page? No? Oh yes? I know I am overkilling it. If you feel a little uncomfortable with this and want me to shut up about it, just send out this link to some friends so they can like it.  Too much?  Sorry.  

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