Monday, March 5, 2012

Too Tired to Tell A Joke, Seriously

I'm tired.  Like hit the wall, can't move kind of tired.   Like wave the white flag kind of tired. I feel like Tom in an old Tom and Jerry cartoon, the one where he uses toothpicks to hold up his tired eyelids.  

Tired from dreaming about what kind of social media maven I want to be when I grow up.  Tired from moving, camping, conferencing, traveling, hosting and birthday-ing the last few weeks.
Lucy is 8!!!

And tired from busy weekends filled with kids' sports.  Sports like indoor dome baseball.  Yes, you just read that right.  Dome baseball.  My husband and I have become that family. 

That family that is sports crazy.  Every Saturday, we rush from hockey to baseball practice, to gymnastics to dome baseball games.  And that is only three out of our four kids involved in activities. 

My dad, his wife and my brother visited this past weekend and we had so much fun.  They hung with our crazy schedule nicely.  My brother, being the good, fun uncle that he is, looked pretty damn tired when he packed up to go.  "Your kids exhaust me," he said.

But mostly, I'm tired from not enough sleep.  Here's where I am supposed to joke about having too many men in my bed. Ha, ha. But I'm too damn tired to even make that lame joke.  Because the "men" are number one my husband, number two my 5-year-old and number three my 2 year old. Now I'm not one of those family bed type of people, it just kind of happened.  Kind of like becoming the crazy sports family.  Kind of like becoming a blogging, suburban mom driving a van.

All the other things I can live with most of the time, but getting three hours of sleep because my sons need to be close to me is too much.  Most nights I'm too tired to take the kids back to bed or I feel too guilty.  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry I am not blog savvy enough to have a great giveaway to the reader who offers the first or best advice.  
Maybe when I get more sleep that will happen.

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  1. You will know when you are ready to kick everyone out of the bed!