Friday, August 12, 2011

Camp with my BFF

I feel like I just got back from camp--I'm exhausted, sad that the experience is over and I am singing songs with hand motions to boot.  At least that is what I think it feels like when camp is over.  I never went to camp as a kid.

There were a couple of kids I knew that were away from the neighborhood for a couple weeks every summer, at camp.  And when they came back they seemed super tired, bummed out that it was over and of course there were the songs with the motions.  And I was totally jealous.

So now that I have my own kids, I am trying to create that campy feeling for them and oh yeah, for me too.

Vacation bible school at our church (yes the church that I previously mentioned that has some members  on the lookout for my kids and me....for any signs of...trouble or mayhem) provides the perfect outlet for that campy kind of feeling.   

It makes it even more perfect because my partner-in-crime, I mean BFF Stephanie, is a member of the church too.  She and I work in the kitchen because honestly, well that is the department that we only have to see the kids at the designated snack times.  And we get to hang out and talk to everybody.  And there is the chance to use a microphone for the prayer.  Steph and I love a little enthusiasm.  When the kids were little, we would literally spend hours at Chuck E. Cheese.  We always thought we could do a way better job than the girls that worked there and half-assed their way through the birthday song for the kids.  So we really try to bring it with the snack prayer on the mic.

A lot of summer camp type things have gone on in the kitchen over the past four years.  She and I got in a fight last year, yup, a full-blown, catty, Real Housewives caliber fight (no hitting, just a lot of pouting) and we made up at the closing ceremony just as it should be at camp.  We have laughed our heads off, complained/vented about a lot, cried because our kids were going through stuff and cried because we were going through stuff.  

This year we pinky swore that we would totally be there for each other when we got old and started acting crazy or not like ourselves.  She is that type of friend.  The type of friend that understands my crazy, pulls me out of my rut, makes me laugh and simply gets it.  We are so much the same, yet so different.  At camp, I mean church, people often get us confused.  She and I usually take full credit for what the other person has done, unless it is scandalous of course (which has happened!).  We are like "Parent Trap" but we aren't long lost twins that were separated because of our parents' divorce.
We seriously love microphones.

That's the thing about camp, it is intense.  Intensely fun, silly and bonding.  And then you throw the songs in, are you kidding me?  I want to go back to school to be a camp counselor, seriously.

And oh yeah, the kids have a blast.  And every year, even though I have some pretty deep questions about my faith, I am the mom crying because my kids and so many other kids are singing songs about Jesus.  There are so many adults that pour their hearts into the lesson and the fun for the kids it is truly moving.  

And VBS has crazy hair day, my kids love crazy hair day!
I think this looks like another album cover!


  1. wahhhhhh, you made me miss you girls so much! who else would step into facebook and tell you to knock it off??!?!?

    Next year, I am in the kitchen with you again! I hope you didn't replace me this year! :)

  2. also, have to mention that I love, love, love that you used the original parent trap as your link instead of the Lindsay Lohan version! love that movie!!

  3. Amy you could never be replaced. We missed you terribly and needed you to totally step in when we were being idiots!

  4. The original is the best. So glad you appreciate the true greatness of Haley Mills!