Friday, August 5, 2011

Coming Home

Lots of attention for JT and Wade.
Lucy's room has never been so clean for so long.
Dinner out last night was a lot cheaper.
No fights to break up.
No wrestling matches.
Nobody complaining about what's for dinner.
These are some of the things that have been good about my two older kids being away at grandpa's for the week.  
It doesn't even include the best part, the beyond amazing bonding experience for my kids and my dad.

Visiting on holidays is fun, but it can be hectic and kids can get lost in the shuffle.  A lot of times the cousins go off and play, which is a wonderful thing.  But sometimes the grandparents and the grandkids don't really get a lot of time to hang.

Well my dad and his wife Carrie fixed that.

These are some of the pictures that grandpa and Carrie have been texting me:

I admit it, I am jealous of Grandpa and Carrie Camp. It looks so fun. 
When is my week?

Even though my heart is about to burst with love and happiness that two of my children are really getting to know my dad and his wife, I am ready to have my kiddos back home.

Even though it should be easier with only two kids at home (and believe me there were parts that were easier), I was off my game.  I am used to loud, crazy chaos; putting out fires (sometimes literally), yelling to get everything and everyone in place;  tucking them into their beds and watching them wipe off slobbery, mom kisses.  

That does not mean that if Grandpa and Carrie were willing to open the camp up to kindergartners and toddlers we wouldn't send the others too.

It just means that I miss them and look forward to them coming home tomorrow.  Don't they seem taller in the pictures?

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