Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Give me strength

I spoke with my cousin/friend this morning and she was telling me I better enjoy these last few weeks of summer because it just gets crazier.  She lives in a state where it is the second week of school for her kiddos and life is hectic.

She inspired me.   I got off the phone and told the kids to get their bikes, we were heading to the library and a day of fun and happiness.  You can guess how the rest of my story goes right?

The library was fun.  
Books were chosen.
The weird wooden ducks were rocked.
And Wade's cheeks heard a good story on the computer.

We rode our bikes through the park, came home and played in the backyard where I broke up fifteen thousand fights.  They only bonded together when they thought I was being ridiculous for not letting them perfect their stunt scooter riding practice.  That damn "America's Got Talent" show again.  They think "danger acts" are a winning ticket to Hollywood right now. Ugh.

So, I separated them, got out the chalk and had some fun with the little ones. 

Took some pictures until the baby, Wade, threw my camera onto the driveway.  I stormed inside and needed a moment.  Again, the kids bonded together when I had completely had it.

Then off to football practice and the grocery store.

Which all leads me to being one tired mama.  I will need strength to get through the next few weeks, I mean 20 years.

When my husband came in from a long day the kids joyfully ran to him and snuggled with him on the couch while they finished up a movie.  And yup, I was totally jealous.  But I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open.  

Take a look.  I was taking these pics, trying to open my eyes (I do have some heavy eyelid hangover normally, but when tired I can hardly open my eyes.  Even when they are open, they don't look like it).

I look drunk.  But to be fair, so does Woody! (which funny enough was a total accident picture) 

In the words of my idol Tina Fey..."give me strength, oh Oprah."

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