Thursday, August 18, 2011

No one like my girl Lulu

Lulu, that is what we call our lovely daughter Lucy.

I love this girl.
I want the world for this girl.
No one can make me frustrated like this girl.
No one makes my heart burst with a weird love/worry/anxious/ happiness like this girl.

Lucy, she is quite entertaining and opinionated.  And funny.

During her preschool graduation ceremony her teacher was saying nice things about each child and when she got to my daughter she said "Lucy is the most hilarious child here."  True that.  

This was the same ceremony where each child said what they wanted to be when they grew up.  The boys wanted to be firefighters and the girls wanted to be Disney princesses.  But not Lucy she firmly stated that when she grew up she wanted to be "a cop."

She got a laugh and then sat down on her little preschool chair with a very satisfied grin.

Lulu knows what she is doing...she is brilliantly witty.  Her timing is great.  She is like the funny, biting sidekick in every sitcom.  She waits for the moment, her moment, and then she nails her line.

Today as we were leaving the pool at our gym a boy walked by and stared at Lucy. "Do you know that kid?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, that's the boy I kissed on the lips," she replied.

What????? "Oh, honey, why didn't you say hi," I asked calmly.  I know I probably should have said something addressing the kissing...I will, later, maybe.  When I am less tired, maybe.

"We are so over," she stated flatly.  And when I let a small giggle escape, she sat down in her booster in the van with a very satisfied grin.

She is so not like me in so many ways.  Lucy is unafraid to ask anyone anything--in a store, school, the street.  If she wants to know the answer, she will find a way to get it.  Sometimes my shy son and I will send Lucy to find out where a certain item in the grocery store is or what time a show is starting or whatever.

She is so like me in many ways too.  Lucy is horrible at math and my god I hope and pray she gets better.  Because it never happened for me.  She is emotional and very headstrong--which are powers that can be used for good, but can also cause tremendous unnecessary heartache.

Lulu lives in a land of make believe, gets distracted by EVERYTHING, hates sports, loves playing spy babies that save the world and could live on carrots, apples and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal.  

Lulu has a biting wit that is beyond her years, has a hunger for information about so many things and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in (even if it is defending to the doubters(her brothers) that spy babies that save the world is a legit game). And man, she loves her brothers more than anything in the world.

Now how do I protect her from....the world? Because to me, there is no one like this girl.


  1. She is one very lucky little girl. I wish I had a Mom that saw the good in me and told the world...

    Make sure you print this post for her high school graduation, or wedding...

  2. Oh me too Moe! Thanks again for reading and commenting.
    I love the idea of sharing this with her and others in her future.