Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothing cute about today

I have no cute story today.  Not really anything cute about today.

I just have pictures from my fun visit to the pediatrician's office for, wait for it....a stupid virus.

Do you like how my oldest Peyton doesn't sit with us in the waiting room?  He is looking around like "who are these kids?" Ha!

Is it bad that I was hoping my son had strep throat?  Because that way we could get an antibiotic and it would be done in a couple days.  But no, he has a fever virus that could last a week, or two.  What?  A week or two times four kids?  And two parents?  With the countdown to the first day of school in full swing?

Are you kidding me?

And of course we waited in the dr's office for an hour and a half to get the fun virus news.  Things were getting a little nuts in our teeny-tiny room.

My husband hates this shirt, but I wear it because it makes me feel powerful, like I am wearing a cape.  Although, he may be right about it not being so flattering.  And at this point I was feeling a bit powerless.
He's right, I hate this shirt!
 A little practical joke my kids played on the dr. when she came in the room.
Luckily she was good natured and laughed!
You can bet that THEY were as happy as we were when we left.

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