Friday, August 5, 2011

A simple summer

This is my fancy summer fun list that we made on the last day of school:

We have done a lot of things on this list. 
But there is still fun to be had!

Even though I may complain, I am going to make a valiant effort to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Because there will soon be other things to complain about...homework getting done, rides to football practice, making it to the bus stop and all that jazz.

And because, a lot of things on this summer list are pretty simple.  I can handle going barefoot, staying up late and going to Dairy Queen.  Learning Spanish?  That might carry on into fall.
Before Lucy left for Grandpa Camp, she and JT spent an ENTIRE afternoon painting rocks.  Simple fun.  And for those of you wondering what you were getting for Christmas from the Youngblood kids, sorry I ruined the surprise.

Every summer I read this very sweet book about well, summer.  I only read it in the summertime because I don't
 like things out of order.  I don't celebrate Christmas in July or have breakfast for dinner either.  Anyway, this book is from when I was a kid.  And even though it is a million years old, it holds up.  The simple joys of summer are the same--catching fireflies, eating watermelon, swinging super high, building sandcastles and more. 
Simple, even I can do that.

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