Monday, August 15, 2011

Laugh out loud kind of wrong

Something is wrong with this picture, right?  Laugh out loud kind of wrong!

Why is number 14 so much bigger than my sweet little number 8, JT?
I mean, he is a bit small for his age, but this seems ridiculous.  Funny, but ridiculous.  Even JT is looking over at him like "what the hell?"

And at least my sweet little number 8 isn't playing football against this kid....he would get crushed for sure.

My kids are super involved in sports.  I am now a sports mom and what I am discovering is parents are crazy.  Not my kind of narcissistic, neurotic, broken this is a whole other type of nutso.

These parents are the my-kids-can-do-no-wrong-and-they-are-my-life-I-am-going-to-wear-tee-shirts-and buttons-with-their-face-on-them-drive-them-to-six-hour-practices-and-run-the-fundraiser-and-the-bakesale-and-host-the-team-barbecue-and-never-do-anything-except-cheer-for-my-kid kind of nuts.

Maybe I am just a bit overwhelmed right now.  I mean, let's be honest, you get from my other posts that I still haven't gotten over giving up my life to simply have all these kids.  Now I have to give up my new normal for sports?  

Sports that may or may not help pay for their college (that might be a great motivator to get so involved, but these kids are all under the age of 12!).

Sports that these little kids may quite possibly burn out of by the time they are in high school when they will so need to be involved in something.  This coming from someone who so wasn't involved in anything except getting in trouble and listening to hairbands in high school.  Believe me I know the importance of being involved and monitored.

Sports that are supposed to be, dare I say

Okay, I must admit I do like a competitive, organized team even for kids.  Because there really is nothing worse than packing up my entire family to support one of our own and the team has to forfeit because not enough kids showed up for the rec league ball.  Or the kids can't catch a ball and no one cares because none of the parents are watching.  I mean I have even heard of parents passing around snack lists attached to "who's going to bring the adult drinks" list.  To the games!  Totally a true story.  

And yes, on my videos you can hear me cheering loudly for my sweet number 8 to "run, fast, run."  And we did build a baseball field in our backyard, for fun!

I have to believe there is a happy medium parent.  

A parent that uses sports and activities to teach responsibility and drive.  

Uses sports as a tool to help their child make friends and be a part of something.  

A parent that wants to use sports to encourage their child to be active and outside, because a kid tired from playing ball with his friends is so much better than the zoned out cranky kid exhausted from staring at a video game screen.

This is a complicated issue I am sure.  But one thing I am totally sure of is, I simply don't understand how parents can drink at games...I would fall asleep.  Drinking for me is reserved for when the kids are in bed and I can curl up to watch my good buddy Jon Stewart or whatever is playing on Soapnet or OWN.  

As far as the other stuff goes, maybe I am just jealous of those super involved parents.  Okay, nope, but thought it sounded better to say that.  But you know I will probably so be wearing a button for one of my kids come fall.



  1. I totally agree with all that you say here. It can get really crazy with sports and kids. Kids need to be kids. But I also agree that sports can be great for kids at the same time.

  2. Can I get an Amen?