Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Help! People are judging me

This is one of my favorite clips from "Modern Family." With possibly one of the best lines in a long time on tv, when he is calling the emergency line and saying "help, we locked our baby in the car and people are judging us."  Love it.  And of course the Cam scream.  Love it.

I felt like calling an emergency line tonight.  

As I told my daughter Lucy, not everyone thinks our kind of wild is so cute.

Tonight the location was the football team pictures of my oldest son.  It took forever.  My other three kids were doing what is, well, normal for us.  They were running around like crazy chickens.  And I was running around after them trying to keep them out of the team photo.

Many of the dads looked at me with stone faces.  One  dad pointed and gruffly said "Your baby went that way."

Some of the moms pursed their lips together like nervous ninnies with looks on their faces that said "if you don't stop that damn baby from ruining my kids' team picture, I will."

Personally, I would have felt much happier to spend my $20 photo fee if some baby ran through the team picture and caused some real genuine looks of amusement on the boys' faces.   Instead of those painful, awkward looking grins.

But I am a believer in what I told Lucy, not everyone thinks our kind of wild is so cute.

And some nights I care and feel like calling help in because people are judging me and my wild family.  Usually, that is when I do indeed call my good buddy Stephanie who asks me this very important question, "who wants boring kids?"  Love it.

My kids are good kids, just a little, exuberant and energetic. But definitely not boring.  
And I love those crazy chickens and our kind of wild.

And let's be real....there are so many other things about me that people could (and quite possibly with a good bit of reason) judge.

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  1. Those parents probably have terrible marriages and their kids probably hate each other! I'm sure they have
    plenty of skeletons worth judging! No one has a perfect family and who would want one? I couldn't handle that kind of stress! Love ya.