Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby On The Top Bunk

Parenting kids from an almost tween to a toddler can be challenging.  
JT (5), Lucy (8), Peyton (10) and Wade (2).
While my oldest son spent his early years watching Barney and Bob the Builder, my youngest son watches The Voice with his older siblings.  Believe me, I'm not complaining about not having Barney songs stuck in my head all day.  It's just all so different.

My oldest son is reading The Hunger Games, talks about when he is getting a phone and what college he wants to go to (University of Michigan this week).  My youngest son still has a pacifier and goes into the corner to poop in his diaper.

I feel guilty because a lot of toddler stuff goes uncelebrated or taken for granted.  When my oldest son used a fork or said a word, any word, my husband and I would do a happy dance and cry tears of joy.  Not so much for the youngest son.
Enjoying some one-on-one time with mom and dad recently where we celebrated his love of a Happy Meal.
Not sure if it is the challenge of so many kids with so many different needs or if I just suck at parenting, but this youngest son is the f-ing hardest.  I'm older and way more exhausted than when my oldest son was a toddler, maybe that's it.

"Baby on the top bunk!" the older children scream at least once a day alerting us to rescue our little daredevil.
He's become such a holy terror handful lately. I racked my brain to try and remember what I did to get my oldest son to be such a good listener.  Then it hit me, the naughty mat.  The classic advice from Jo on The Super Nanny when it first came out years ago.  

So far, having the youngest son sit on the naughty mat and then apologize for hitting, kicking, throwing a fit, etc. hasn't worked remarkably well.  But an awesome bonus of bringing back a classic is using it in new and different ways.  As in the form of a threat to my oldest son.  Any sign of attitude or eye rolling I bust out with "I am not afraid to sit you down on the naughty mat in front of everyone."   The sheer thought of humiliation on the toddler's naughty mat (which I bring with me everywhere) whips the oldest son into shape.

I realize this threat will get old and quit being effective very soon.  I mean really, it's quite ridiculous to imagine me forcing my oldest son(who is about an inch shorter than me) to sit on a mat of any kind.  

Even though the youngest son is about to break me, he really is funny, bold, fearless and sweet.  

He gives us all a reason to play games that otherwise we may have moved from and forgotten about. He gives us a reason to still watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Disney Junior (no Barney, but we are a big Mickey Mouse house).  He gives us a reason to still insist on quiet time every afternoon.  He gives us a reason to still have fun with bubbles.

And plus, he's pretty damn cute.

One of the games my little ones like to play and the toddler is really enjoying (although he has no idea what the hell is going on) is Hide and Seek.  I forgot how much time it bought me to take forever counting.  And once, when I found a really good hiding spot, I skimmed through an entire magazine.  How could I forget such an awesome game?

Here's Louis C.K.s take on Hide and Seek. He is so funny, enjoy. You are warned, there are a lot of swear words, like a whole lot (which I adore, but some of you may not be so fond).

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