Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Bad Ass Mother Bunny

Every time I see this book around Easter, I feel all happy and warm inside.  I loved the pictures in the book as a kid.

I have this very vivid memory of "The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes" and my parents reading it to me to distract me from an earache one very long night over 30 years ago.  It wasn't working very well.  Once I finally calmed down and was in a sleep-like state, I laid in my bed clutching this book.  I remember my parents saying really wonderful things about me.  Honestly I can't remember exactly what they were saying, but I remember not wanting to open my eyes and wishing the moment would last forever.  The moment when my parents were quietly telling me what they loved about me.  To this day, I wonder if they knew I wasn't really asleep.  I wonder if they knew way back then that I needed that affirmation, that love so badly.

Now years later, I would play like I'm asleep anywhere to hear people say wonderful things about me.  Desperate?  Yes completely.

But I also have a newfound love and respect for this sweet little book.  It has become my new feminist manifesto.

You see, the story centers around this mother bunny who has all these little baby bunnies.

Even though she is doing a kick ass job of teaching her little bunnies about life--responsibility, accountability, morality--other bunnies kind of count her out.

In this story there is not one Easter Bunny, but rather five bunnies that share all the Easter eve duties.  When the time comes to try out or audition for the special bunny job, Mother Bunny steps up.  She doesn't let the bully (male) bunnies who tell her to "go back to the country and eat a carrot" stop her.

Mother Bunny doesn't let her lack of a good resume or seemingly lack of transferable job skills stop her. She is confident that her family will be able to help out around the house and do their part if she got the job.  She is confident that they will pull together to support her dream and she goes for it.

All is not perfect, there is indeed doubt and regret.  But she rises to the challenge, even when she runs into a few problems (I won't give everything away, you should totally read this book).

I just dig the whole you can raise 21 bunnies and pursue your dream message.

And oh hell can I relate.  Especially during this lovely Spring Break week while I have what feels like 21 children at times at home with me all day every day.

Yesterday was filled with finger painting fun.

Lucy, my only daughter, was mesmerized by the fact that squeezing her hands full of finger paint made the best fart sounds.  Really?

And we made the traditional Easter Bunny Cake that I made with my mother as a kid.

We did five hundred thousand other things and I think most of the day was good for the kids, and me.   I just hope I have the courage and bad ass-ness of Mother Bunny.  To believe in the importance of what I am doing even if it is just the silliness of fart sounds with paint.  Wrapped up in all this silliness and fun is the lesson of tradition and love, creativity and love. To believe in my dreams outside of the family and pursue what I would love to become. Love, love and more love.  Love what you do, love who you're with and love yourself enough to go for it (whatever it is).

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  1. That book sounds like an awesome story. A must read for me where I'm at in my journey as a Mom.