Friday, April 20, 2012

CrazyBusy and What I Know For Sure (this week)

It's been a crazy busy week.

There have been so many fun things--from picnics on the playground to new writing/video opportunities.

And here's what I know for sure:

I am going to miss which is the web site where I made all my photo collages. The above collage is my last Picnik collage because the web site is closing, bummer.

My new t-shirt from The Mitten State is AWESOME. If you love Michigan (or like me and just finally accepting that you will be living here forever and learning to love it), this is a great company--fun shirts, vintage shirts and made in Michigan baby.
(If you want to order a shirt click here.)
My family is healthy and I am very grateful. 
I spent some time at a children's hospital for a project I'm working on and boy did it put things in perspective for me.  After seeing families worry about their kids and smile and laugh with their kids in hospital gowns--you better believe I went home and smiled a little bigger and hugged my kids a little tighter.

I may have missed the boat on watching Revenge (I'll get it on dvd people, relax), but I never miss a Real Housewives of New Jersey.  And I know for sure I'm looking forward to the season premiere this Sunday night. Not sure if I can handle the drama this season.

Check out the video I made for my local

I had no idea I knew this for sure until very recently....I love The Wendy Williams Show. I thought I didn't like her, but I do.  She is fun.

I am totally going to build a teepee in my backyard this summer.  Since we are renting our house,  we don't want to buy a big swing set or build a tree house, so the portable teepee seems like a good option.  This is a great how-to video from the folks at KinCommunity (great YouTube channel).

Sure, the teepee may not last long with my rowdy boys. And yeah, before they knock it down the only one that may use the teepee is me, to hide and get some peace and quiet.  
But it might just be worth it.


  1. Buy a tent - they are portable, durable, and don't have to figure out how to "make" them! Plus you won't end up with your kids running around being all un-pc pretending they are "indians".

  2. Love the very "pimp my ride" intro of My name is Angela, I'm from Rochester....Who knows, maybe Xzibit will still end up at your door. Hey a pimped out conversion van would mean you finally end up with a DVD player in there (in reality probably about 15 DVD players, 18 TVs, the worlds largest ipod and a cotton candy machine!) .... probably even a dance floor, maybe even some air shocks that can make the van "bounce"....All much better than some new Ford Flex, or minivan....