Thursday, April 26, 2012

Right and Wrong and Swear Words

I tweet pictures of my kids and family.

I let my two littlest boys climb in my bed in the middle of the night. (But man, aren't they so amazingly adorable?)

I swear quite a lot.  Even though I don't swear in front of the children, my husband is disturbed.  He thinks I need to put a disclaimer on this blog like an "explicit" song warning. I think he's fucking over reacting. 

I could go on and on with the things I do that won't get me on a mother of the year list.  But that would be boring.  And guess what?  I do a lot right.  And I'm one proud mama.
My oldest son diligently does his homework, even when I forget to remind him.
My daughter is a voracious reader with an imagination that won't seriously it won't quit, everything is a story with Lucy.

I tweet because I want to share my beautiful, funny family.

I let the littlest boys climb in bed and snuggle because childhood is short and again, they are amazingly adorable.

I swear because, well, because I want to god damn it.

The other day Peyton and Lucy and I were having a very serious discussion about kidnappers.  There was a report of a man in the area trying to lure three 9-year-olds into his car.  The report made it's way to my kids' school and they were nervous.  

"Listen carefully," I said gravely.  "You run away, yell, scream your brains out, swear, do whatever you can to get away from someone trying to get you into their car."

Both of them sat in front of me, their eyes wide, their mouths open.  Uh-oh, I went too far was my first thought.  I made yet another parenting mistake--by trying to help them, I scared them more.  I over-informed.  

But I was wrong.

"We can swear?," Peyton asked in awe.  "Awesome."

"So cool," squealed Lucy.

What?  They had completely forgotten the lesson about getting away from kidnappers.  Do I bring it up again?  Do I remind them to "be scared, be very scared children" or not?

I chose not.  Because it just felt wrong.  They looked so happy dreaming about what swear words they were going to use.

(Don't worry I later made sure they took the stranger danger seriously and had tips on exactly what to do.)

It may not be picture perfect.  I may not do it the "right" way.
Um, who is in charge of cleaning off the toothpaste? Seriously.  Oh man, isn't he so cute trying to squeeze out the last of the AquaFresh?  
But I'm still one proud mama.

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  1. YOU are doing a fantastic job...either that, or we both suck. we also say yes to kids in bed, swear a bunch. :D